Ironhouse Vineyards, Tasmania.

Here at the little brewery/vineyard/distillery by the sea, we carefully tend each vine to create our gorgeous Tasmanian wines with an authentic sense of place.  At Ironhouse we put all of our love into the land. In the early years we focused on vineyard development and landscaping with an ethical outlook to grow a healthy, sustainable crop every year.

Nestled under the watchful gaze of St. Patrick's Head State Reserve and mere meters from the Tasman Ocean, we're ideally situated to grow many different varieties of grape. Graced with plentiful sun, the cleanest air and the freshest water, our vines have thrived in the 10yrs the have been developing/growing, producing a veritable microcosm of flavors.

We are proud to release these beautiful Tasmanian wines unto wine lovers everywhere......
We recommend matching them with great cheeses, fruits, specialty meats and of course, good friends and laughter.

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