Tasman Whisky

Here at Ironhouse, we’ve been carefully crafting our Single Malt Whiskies over the half decade. Unleashed and disgorged from the darkened corners of our bonding room and hand selected by Iron House Master Distiller, Michael Briggs, you will be treated to a full flavoured experience. 

In an age old tradition we have created our premium range of Whisky, our Spiritus Frumenti if you will, for all to indulge in. TASMAN WHISKY is absolutely uncompromising, complex and 100% Tasmanian. Mindfully distilled within the confines of our copper still, it is the synergy between the purest malts sourced from the North of the state, the pristine waters and the cleanest ocean air of Tasmania’s untainted East Coast that balance and mature our spirit perfectly.

Working closely with Hobart based cooperage, Tasmanian Cask Co., we source the finest pre-filled oak selections the world has to offer. A passion driven through vision to create the finest single malts, we age the spirit mere meters from the ocean, where the caresses of salted air at sea level refines slowly a pure southern Whisky for all to enjoy.

Good whisky is naught but a lens. It is the drink for celebrating your best days and reflecting thoughtfully on your hardest. It’s a spirit that demands a careful and discerning approach.

It is our story, but it is your Whisky.
Tasman Whisky.

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